PODGORICA, 13.03.2023. – The poet and producer of the TV show “Dnevnica” Lejla Kašić will report the musician Rambo Amadeus (Antonije Pušić) to the authorities for sexual harassment.

In a statement to “Vijesti”, she confirmed what she shared on her profiles on social media, but also that she reported the incident to the UNICEF representative office for Montenegro, considering that the musician is a goodwill ambassador of that organization.

Rambo Amadeus did not respond to an email and a call from the newsroom to the available numbers.

Kašić also said that everything happened on Friday, during the recording of the show, and that Pušić touched her inappropriately.

As she told, the team found out about it only after the camera lights went out, although there is also a video in the raw material in which Pušić calls her “stupid”. Instead of an apology, she received a series of insults from Pušić that she was “stupid”, “crazy”,…

Sometime later, she received a message, in which the musician “explains” to her that she misunderstood everything and misinterpreted his impression that “we can be good friends”.

“It is wrong on so many levels. Such a person works with the most vulnerable category – children. I was thinking about what to do because our institutions did not react to many serious cases, they are silent on femicide, and domestic violence… I decided that I will not remain silent. For the sake of all the girls who, for whatever reason, think they have to remain silent. It is my moral, civic and feminine duty and obligation to speak,” Kašić told.

She emphasized that she received the unreserved support of her editor, as well as that she had already written to the UNICEF representative office, but also to the civil sector, with whose free legal assistance she will report the case to the competent institutions in the coming days.

She also says that she is encouraged by the huge support she receives, but emphasizes that it is mostly women.

“But I will persevere. Because this can happen to any of us. The fact that someone is in any position of power cannot and should not be an excuse for any deviant behavior. Especially not with the excuse that we misunderstood everything to which we did not give consent,” said Lejla.

Her story was shared by many citizens, civil activists, journalists on their profiles on social networks…

Montenegro should soon introduce the criminal offense of sexual harassment into the Criminal Code.

“Vijesti” recently announced that the mildest sanction for sexual harassment, which can include sexually explicit messages on social networks, is a prison sentence of up to six months. The threatened punishment for sexual harassment of particularly vulnerable persons due to age, illness, disability, addiction, pregnancy, or severe physical or mental disability is up to two years in prison. The same sanction applies to those who sexually harass subordinates in the workplace.

UNICEF: Engagement with Pušić suspended until further notice

UNICEF has suspended engagement with Antonije Pušić. The musician, better known as Rambo Amadeus, was accused of sexual harassment by the poet and producer of the TV show “Dnevnica” Lejla Kašić.

“UNICEF is aware of the allegations against Antonije Pušić. His engagement with UNICEF has been suspended until further notice. UNICEF has a policy of zero tolerance towards any form of sexually inappropriate behavior, as it is contrary to UNICEF’s core values,” the UNICEF press release states.