On the media regulator’s annual report to the Albanian Assembly 

Source/Author: SJ
Source/Photo: SJ


The Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) of Albania recently presented its 2023 annual report to the Committee for Education and Means of Public Information.  On May 27, 2024, Armela Krasniqi, Chairwoman of AMA’s Board, during the presentation at the Committee, underscored as an achievement the adoption of the New Broadcasting Code. The new code aligns with both national and international legal frameworks and incorporates recommendations from domestic and foreign experts. The second session took place on June 11, 2024, when the Committee reviewed and unanimously approved the draft resolution assessing AMA’s activities in 2023. 

The Parliamentary Resolution on AMA includes key recommendations for 2024:

  • Legislative Contributions: AMA is encouraged to contribute to amending Law no. 97/2013 on audiovisual media in line with EU standards, addressing media financing transparency, media ownership concentration, public advertising, and regulatory independence.
  • Audience Measurement: AMA should proactively organize discussions to promote audience measurement processes, which are crucial for transparency and market efficiency.
  • Broadcasting Code Implementation: Ensuring compliance with the new Broadcasting Code, particularly regarding anti-discrimination, gender equality promotion, and combating hate speech in audiovisual content.
  • Journalist Safety: Playing a proactive role in responding to threats against journalists and improving their working conditions, with a focus on their employment and social rights.
  • Professional Standards: Promoting international best practices to uphold professional standards in audiovisual broadcasting and ensuring diversity in media content.

SJN urges for a transparent process for any legal changes to the audiovisual media law and ensures that it will be in line with the European Media Freedom Act and the standards of the Council of Europe, reflecting at the same time the recommendations of the Council of Venice. In addition, SJN urges AMA to clarify its plans for ensuring journalists’ safety and encourages them to cooperate closely with local, regional, and European networks and organizations already focused on the safety of journalists.