OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the Kosovo Police Special Unit train journalists on crisis reporting


Journalists and camera operators from various media outlets participated in training from April 24 to April 30 on reporting from public gatherings, protests, and dangerous situations.

The training was organized by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the Kosovo Police Special Unit at the request of the Association of Journalists of Kosovo. The training session aimed to educate journalists, camera operators, and photographers on proper behavior and safety measures when reporting from potentially dangerous situations.

The training included interactive sessions and the sharing of experiences and insights with trainers of the Kosovo Police Special Unit, focusing on improving participants’ crisis reporting skills and ensuring accurate, sensitive, and safe reporting.

Part of this training was provided by our colleague, Sylejman Kllokoqi, who shared with participants his decades-long experience in crisis reporting, including how to protect themselves in challenging situations, and offered valuable regional context.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo would like to thank the OSCE Mission and the Kosovo Police for their collaboration in organizing the training, as well as all the colleagues who took part in it.