Former director of Radio Berane sentenced

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Source/Photo: Radio Berane portal

BERANE, 12.01.2018 – Radio Berane Council issued a press release regarding the final court decision to sentence the former director of Radio Berane Milan Šćekić for extended abuse of office.

Complete Radio Berane Council’s press release can be found below:

“We are informing the public that the Higher Court in Bijelo Polje confirmed the court decision of the Basic Court in Berane that Radio Berane’s former director M.Š. committed the criminal offense of extended abuse of office.

The former director was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment, a year parole, and is obligated to pay 4,464.17 euros to Radio Berane for the identified abuse, under threat of enforcement measures.

Radio Berane Council does not want to comment the amount of fine, but we must express our satisfaction that the court confirmed illegal actions of the previous Council, with a four year mandate, and the former director of Radio Berane, which significantly contributed to Radio Berane’s difficult situation. We remind the public that the independent audit gave a negative opinion for its business performance from 2013 to 2015, and that the first positive opinion was given for 2016 business performance, i.e. for the period during which the current management led Berane’s public service.

Radio Berane Council thanks to employees for the professionalism they show, as well as for the patience and casualties they endure due to a difficult situation they face with. With this verdict, they received at least a moral satisfaction that they were right when they warned about the abuses in the Radio, which had occurred for years.
We are convinced that starting from this year, after signing the three-year contract with the founder, “better days” will come for the employees regarding material situation, especially in terms of the regular payment of earnings, as well as payment of owed earnings, which well-earned hardworking in the past three years.

We would also like to express our thanks to the public, our faithful listeners, and portal visitors for their support, with the promise that our program will be richer every day and that the Radio will remain the first one in dissemination of the current and true information related to Berane”, concludes the statement of the Council of Local Public Broadcaster Radio Berane.