SafeJournalists: Independent Media Commission in Kosovo Should not Revoke Media License to KLAN KOSOVA

    photo: canva

    The Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade on Wednesday suspended the operating license of the private national television Klan Kosova with an unprecedented decision, without stating a legal basis and without prior notification.

    The Ministry, i.e. the Kosovo Agency for Economic Registers, made a decision to “suspend the business certificate of the company “KLAN KOSOVA” DOO” the owner of the tv channel KLAN KOSOVA. The legal ground on which the decision was made is not clear and can endanger the operation of the mentioned media outlet. It can also lead to the revoking of the media license to the tv channel KLAN KOSOVA.

    The Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) considers the action of the government, Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Levizja Vetevendosje unprecedented in the new history of Kosovo and a direct attempt to dictate and control the media content of the Klan Kosova.  AJK believes that such a decision was made with the aim of conveying a message to other media as well, and that freedom of media and expression has never been more threatened than it is now. 

    “We are appalled by the decision, the first of its kind in the country since the end of the war. This is a clear attempt of this Government to exercise its influence on private media. It is a political, well-planned act in an increasingly difficult environment of media in Kosovo. We are concerned about the work of our journalist, camera operators and other workers of the channel, in this uncertain time “ – Xhemajl Rexha, chairperson of AJK said. 

    The SafeJournalists network, which represents more than 8,200 media professionals in the Western Balkans, joins its members AJK to call on the Independent Media Commission to not act on revoking media license, and allow for administrative procedures to take place, without pressure.


    The SafeJournalists network will inform relevant national and international stakeholders about this case.

    Each attack on journalists is an attack on public interest, democracy and the rights of all citizens.

    Pristina – Skopje – Sarajevo – Zagreb – Belgrade – Podgorica, 16.06.2023


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    Association of Journalists of Macedonia

    BH Journalists Association

    Croatian Journalists’ Association

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