SafeJournalists Network’s Statement on the Upcoming Vote on the Special Committee on Disinformation in Albania

    photo: canva

    As the Albanian Assembly prepares to vote on the Draft Decision “On the composition of the Special Committee of the Assembly for coordinating and supervising all institutional actions to fight disinformation and other forms of foreign interference in democratic processes of the country,” the SafeJournalists Network wishes to reiterate our stance expressed in our open letter dated April 9, 2024.

    We urge the Assembly to ensure that the committee operates transparently, with clear, public reporting on its activities and decisions and that the committee actively includes a diverse range of stakeholders in its consultations and decision-making processes. We remind relevant stakeholders that effective combating of disinformation requires input from all sectors of society and broad-based consultation. We urge the committee to engage in comprehensive consultations with all relevant stakeholders to develop strategies and policies that are balanced and effective. It is essential that the committee operates in a non-partisan manner, ensuring that its actions are not influenced by political biases. 

    We look forward to a constructive dialogue and are eager to see the Albanian Assembly adopt an approach that balances the fight against disinformation with the imperative to uphold media freedom and freedom of expression.

    SafeJournalists Network