Launched campaign “Journalism Matters! Journalists Matter!”


    PODGORICA, 02/10/ 2017 – Trade Union of Media of Montenegro launched the campaign “Journalism Matters! Journalists Matter!” which aims to highlight the importance of journalism and environment in which our colleagues, journalists in Montenegro work. The campaign is affirmative and its main goal is to try to emphasize the importance of media freedom and problems which media workers in Montenegro face with.

    For the start the campaign will be carried out through social networks and it will be composed of video messages of public figures, NGO activists, our colleagues, media workers, as well as others who are not part of “world of journalism”. They will in their video messages respond to one of three questions which represent three different campaign phases. The first phase of the campaign – why is journalism important to you? – is currently ongoing.

    The campaign will last until mid-November and it is financially supported by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

    All videos will be published on Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro.