Press Council: Stop Shameful Media Coverage of Child’s Death

Source/Author: Press Council, IJAS

The Press Council calls on all journalists and editors to immediately stop the scandalous, sensationalist, disturbing and shameful reporting on the death of a two-year-old girl from Bor and to show a minimum of respect for the victim, as well as consideration and compassion for her family.

By reporting on (accurate or fabricated) details of the crime, certain media today have violated all the ethical standards of journalism, but also the basic norms of decency and humanity.

At the last session, the Complaints Commission of the Press Council expressed its deep concern over the reporting, which a week ago was inadmissibly sensationalistic and undignified, but today reached a new, incomprehensible, low point.

The Press Council also calls on the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications to immediately react and sanction the media which, we believe, violated the legal norms.


Belgrade, 4.4.2024

Management Board of the Press Council


The Management Board of the Press Council includes representatives of the Media AssociationLocal Press, the Journalists’ Association of Serbia and the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia.