Attack on Olivera Lakic solved?

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PODGORICA, 26.02.2018. – Nine months after the attempt of murder of journalist Olivera Lakic, from the Montenegrin Police Directorate announced that they solved the case, but it is still not clear on the basis of which evidences it was established that Filip Besovic, from Podgorica, followed and shoot in Lakic. It wasn’t announced what are the motives for she to be the target of a criminal group to which Bašović allegedly belongs.

Assistant Director of the Police Directorate, Enis Bakovic, recently announced that the Police had come to the proof that Podgorica-based Filip Bešović organized a criminal group from which nine members have been arrested so far, “which were aimed at committing serious crimes against life and bodies”.

Bakovic explained that they are suspected of attempting to kill journalist Olivera Lakic, but also of the murder of Miodrag Krucic in Podgorica on May 21st last year. He claims that the members of the criminal group followed  Lakic and then wounded her in front of the building where she lives.

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Dezir, welcomed the action of the Police.

“It is crucial that this attack on journalist be fully investigated and that all those involved in the crime are brought to justice”, Dezir said.

He added that he would continue to closely monitor the case until the attack is solved, until the motives were discovered for the attack and until the masterminds are convicted.

The Vijesti daily, in which Lakić’s employed, questioned the statements of the officials of the Police Directorate and claimed that the police and the prosecution don’t know who had wounded Oliver Lakić, although they claimed this at a press conference.

According to that, this is stated in the Order to conduct investigation of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is signed by five prosecutors. The police didn’t further clarify the details, and Vijesti consider problematic that Besovic is now suspected of committing a „grave bodily injury“, instead of attempting to kill Lakic, as the attack was until recently qualified. It is not known when the Prosecutor’s Office re-qualified the criminal offense, and Lakić was not informed of this.