Intimidation, Olivera Lakic, Vladimir Otasevic, Podgorica, 2014.


    Journalist Vladimir Otasevic reported a case of intimidation of him and his colleague Olivera Lakic in May 2014. As a journalist, Otasevic was at the Basic Court covering the trial of a group of young men for giving a false alibi to Ivan Bukkovic, who was accused of beating the journalist Olivera Lakic. After the trial was over, Otasevic started walking towards the newsroom of the independent daily Vijesti when the car stopped, in which were several young men while Bušković was in the back seat. One of these guys, after lowering the glass on the door, said: “I would like to f… Olivera Lakic, is journalist Olivera Lakic alive?”. Otasevic approached the vehicle and asked the young men why he asked him that, and the same young man answered: “I would like to f… Olivera Lakic, say hello to her.” After that, they left.

    Otasevic managed to record the number of car registration and, in agreement with Lakic, reported the case to the Police, which soon found these guys, revealed their identity and filed an application for endangering the security of Lakic. Judge Jelena Perovic Kovacevic rejected this indictment on 12 June 2014, explaining that there was not enough evidence that the criminal offense was committed.