Intimidation, Darko Bulatovic, Niksic, 19.07.2014.


    Darko Bulatovic, journalist of TV Vijesti on 19.7.2014. reported to a Security Center Niksic that Dimitrije Vulanović gave him a series of threats for mentioning his name in a negative context in the daily Vijesti.
    After consultation with the competent prosecutor, on 07.23.2014. police officers filed a criminal complaint against Vulanović because of the suspicion that he committed a criminal offense Endangering safety. After Vulanović charged for that criminal offence, Basic Court in Niksic found him guilty and sentenced him to the punishment of community service for a period of 180 hours. After the Basic State Prosecutor in Niksic 18.12.2014. appealed the decision on the sentence, the High Court reversed the sentence to a sentence of imprisonment of three months.