Actual attack on journalist Ardit Hoxha, 06/02/2024, Tirana

    Country AL
    Name and Surname Ardit Hoxha
    Gender Male
    Date 06/02/2024
    City / Location Tirana
    Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
    By whom Security
    Type of media Radio and television online
    Media name EuroNews Albania
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes

    The Guards of the Republic physically attacked journalist Ardit Hoxha in the Parliament of Albania.

    Before the plenary sessions, the group of journalists reporting live must be present 20 minutes before the meeting starts, the journalist must stay outside the door where the meeting will be held, in the perimeter of the premises of the Parliament of Albania. Today, February 6, 2024, this situation today escalated as one of the guards of the Albanian Republic Guard physically touched the journalist Ardit Hoxha, a journalist at EuroNews Albania, pushing him and taking him out of the area where the group of journalists should stay. Recently, similar situations have become very frequent, with verbal and physical confrontations by the forces of the Guard of the Republic towards journalists.