Actual attack on reporter Ledio Guni 11.10.2021, Tirana

    Country AL
    Name and Surname Ledio Guni
    Gender Male
    Date 10/10/2021
    City / Location Tirana
    Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    Fax News reporter Ledio Guni was physically attacked in Tirana on October 11 while reporting on the dispute between teachers and students’ families in the bar near “Çajupi” high school.

    He was tasked with reporting live from the event, but while he was filming with his camera from the media car he represents, a man physically attacked him, throwing a chair at him. He continued to attack Guni even though he kept repeating that he was a journalist.

    The police and other individuals who were present did not intervene during this situation.

    The Director of Information at Fax News, media Nertila Spiri noted that they are particularly concerned about the fact that the police did not react properly to ensure the protection of the journalist and the attack against Mr. Guni is not even reported in the official statement of the State Police about the conflict happened in Tirana.