Actual attacks on journalists, Tatjana Lazarevic, Mitrovica, 12.04.2020.


    Journalist  from the “Kossev” portal, Tatjana Lazarevic, was arrested by the police on April 12, 2020, while she was on duty.

    The case occurred while it is applyed the decision of the Government of Kosovo to restrict the freedom of movement for citizens to prevent the spread of pandemic Covid 12. The case was confirmed by the journalist, namely the editor of this portal, Tatjana Lazarevic.  She explained that she went to the field for a story at the Health Center in Zvecan.  Although she testified to the police her ID, as required by the instructions of the Kosovo government, the journalist was sent to the police station under the reason that in North Mitrovica and Zvecan, movement is prohibited after 12:00.

    “This is another attack on a series of pressures on our portal and attempts to prevent journalist from performing their duties.  Despite the fact that I was persistently telling the Kosovo police the ID of my medium, also mentioning the decision of the Kosovo government, namely the announcement that a journalist is obliged to show them, this didn’t help me to avoid the ban”,  said Lazarevic.

    Association of Journalists of Kosovo – AJK reacted publicly through a press release, describing the case as pressure on freedom of expression.