Actual physical attacks against journalist, Milan Supica, Pančevo, 04.05.2023.

    Država SR
    Ime i prezime Milan Supica
    Pol Muški
    Datum 04/05/2023
    Grad Pančevo
    Tip incidenta Napadi na novinare
    Naziv medija Pančevac
    Izvor Pančevac
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    Fizicki napadi na novinare po godini Napadi koji za rezultat imaju fizičku povredu

    4.5.2023. – Photo-reporter of the newspaper “Pančevac” Milan Šupica was physically attacked near his house in Pancevo. Šupica was taking photos of flowers in a makeshift store when the saleswoman asked him why he was taking photos, so he showed her his ID. He continued with the car, and when he stopped, three unknown assailants pulled the photo-journalist out of the car and first threatened him verbally and tore the bag containing the camera. Then Šupica was hit several times in the chest, and when he tried to call the police, the phone was taken from his hand, the card was taken out of the camera and, with threats, the attackers threw the phone and camera back into the car, while the card with the recorded material from the camera take with you.

    The incident was reported to the police and a criminal complaint was filed for causing minor bodily harm and theft of property while performing professional duties. The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Pančevo is in cooperation with the PU Pančevo on 5/5/2023. arrested two persons who are suspected of having attacked the reporter. The persons were detained for 48 hours and they will be detained and interrogated as suspects along with the criminal complaint.