Attacks on media outlets and organization, several media, Belgrade, 19.07.2019.

    photo: pixabay

    The ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) members of the Parliament continued on Friday with attacking and labelling some media and NGOs describing them as anti-state and anti-Serb organisations which led a smear campaign against their party president and head of state Aleksandar Vucic.

    Aleksandar Martinovic, the head of the SNS deputies’ club said: “That’s in fact TV only by name, it’s an agitprop of a new (former Democratic Opposition of Serbia) DOS now called Alliance for Serbia (SzS) which, and I’m speaking about N1 TV, conducts a 24-hour furious and deadly campaign against the President, Government, some deputies”. He added he did not forget about “other media that aren’t free.”

    Martinovic also said: “Like Vreme, NIN, Nedeljnik, Novi Magazin, where you can read only the most notorious lies and untruths about Aleksandar Vucic, ministers, some MPs, Serbia as a state… The million-dollar question now is who is the next target of those media: N1, Vreme Danas, Nedeljnik, Novi Magazin, that are unfree,” Martinovic said.

    Aleksandar Seselj, an MP from the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS) and the son of Vojislav, convicted war criminal and the SRS leader, added that those media “are best known for reporting that Kosovo is an independent state, that there was a genocide in Srebrenica, that Serbs are genocidal nation, full of war criminals, retarded, primitive, toothless and alike.”