Arrest, Andjela Djikanovic, Podgorica, 05.01.2020.

Andjela Djikanovic was detained 05 January 2020. and retained for up to 72 hours on suspicion of committing the crime of panic and disorder after she published that 250 members of ROSU, a special Kosovo unit, would be available to Montenegrin police on Christmas Eve. The news was soon denied by the Government of Montenegro. FOS Media, a portal whose editor-in-chief is Djikanovic, withdrew that information about an hour after the disputed news was published and apologized for its publication. January 6th she was released to defend herself from freedom. The same day, FOS published a statement saying that Djikanović had been dismissed as editor-in-chief for a “serious professional error.”

Contry MN
Name and Surname Andjela Djikanovic
Gender Female
Date 05/01/2020
City / Location Podgorica, Montenegro
Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
Type of media online
Media name FOS Media
Source Media
Public prosecutor According to the qualifications of the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office, Djikanovic is suspected of committing the crime of panic and disorder evocation
Legal closure Ongoing (or case not closed)
Judiciary status The investigating judge released Djikanovic to defend herself from freedom
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
What was journalists' association reaction SMCG was appeal to competent authorities, especially the police and the prosecution, to pay attention to the way they treat journalists and news crews
Were authorities informed? Case was initiated ex officio by the Prosecutor’s Office