Actual attacks on journalists, Domagoj Margetić, Zagreb, 01.08.2014.


    At August 1,2014, round 21:40, in front of his apartment in Bauerova Street in Zagreb, unidentified attacker hit Margetić several times with big concrete block on his head. Crime Police Dpt. of Zagreb Police under No  511-19-15/1-31-K-392/14 files criminal charges against unknown perpetrator to County State Attorney in Zagreb due to attempted hard physical injuries. At August 14,.2014 County State Attorney forwards the file No KN-DO-5211/14 to District State Attorney asking “for opinion if that act might be qualified as attempted murder”. After hearing of journalist Margetić in County State Attorney Office it qualified the attack as attempted murder and created file under No KN-DO-252/14. On the same day, he was put under police protection. At December 13, 2014 his police protection was revoked without any prior announcement and he did not stay at his apartment for safety reasons from December 13 – to December 15, 2014.