Attack on property, Rade Vojvodić, Podgorica, 29.07.2015.


    As-yet-unknown person cut the carrier clamp on the vehicle of Rade Vojvodic, RTCG Director General, which was discovered by random examination in the car service center of RTCG. Vojvodic said that that event represented the culmination of enormous pressure that, as he said, was evident, both to him personally and to the rest of the RTCG management, and was manifested through various forms of public and anonymous destructive activities.
    Basic State Prosecutor in Podgorica formed the case files because of the existence of grounds for suspicion for a criminal offense prosecuted ex officio, to the detriment of RTCG. Basic State Prosecutor in Podgorica issued an order to the Forensic Centre in Danilovgrad to conduct traseology examination of the vehicle – Pasat, which was owned by RTCG. There are no recent information in this case.