Attacks on media outlets and organizations, Danas, Belgrade, 30.11.2019.


    After campaigning against the NIN weekly because of the cover photo   of Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic at arms fair with a sniper barrel pointing at him , in which high regime officials recognized a call for Vucic’s murder, the campaign continued with accusations against the Danas newspaper. The reason was Koraks’s caricature, which appeared on the front page of that newspaper, in which, alluding to the cover of NIN,  Vucic was ironically presented as the alleged target of the alleged assassination.

    Vucic reacted by writing on Twitter in addition to the caricature: “You only do your job”, while Minister Aleksandar Vulin interpreted the caricature as “a call for the assassination of the President of Serbia” and blamed the opposition party “Alliance for Serbia”.