Cyber attack toward Nacionale, 11.07.2022, Prishtine

    Country KO
    Gender Group
    Date 11/07/2022
    City / Location Prishtine
    Type of incident Attacks on media outlets and organizations
    By whom To journalists by citizens
    Type of media online
    Media name Nacionale
    Source Nacionale
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    The Association of Journalists was informed today by the editors of the online portal “Nacionale” that they are facing a series of cyber attacks, which it directly affects the work of journalists.

    AJK calls upon the Kosovo Police and the Cybercrime Unit to investigate the source and the authors of this attack.

    Kosovar media have been the target of cyber attacks in the past as well, and this, apart from financial, also affects the media’s freedom. Therefore, AJK calls on competent authorities to treat this case priority.