Threats against the lives and physical safety of journalists, Radio Rijeka editorial office, Rijeka, 26.03.2021.

    Country CRO
    Gender Group Radio Rijeka editorial office
    Date 26/03/2021
    City / Location Rijeka
    Type of incident Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists
    By whom To journalists by citizens
    Name of the perpetrator 22 years old man
    Type of media Radio and television
    Media name Radio Rijeka
    Source Radio Rijeka
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    What was journalists' association reaction The CJA responded with a statement condemning threats. The Regional Platform announcement was sent to local authorities and international organizations.
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police Case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office

    The music editor on Radio Rijeka played on March 25 the song by Vinko Coca “When I die wrapped in white”, one of the popular fan songs of football team Hajduk from Split (there is a big animosity among fans of different clubs from different cities in Croatia).

    This was followed by insults and threats, especially towards a journalist, the music editor who played the song. After that, Joso Krmpotic, the host of the show on Radio Rijeka, instead of standing on his colleague’s side and protecting her from the chase, he started apologizing to the listeners.

    On March 26, the editorial board received an e-mail saying among other things: “If I hear another, only one “tovarian” song that I don’t like (to sing about an olive tree, a stone or to glorify Dalmatia and those gypsies) I’LL FUCK YOU ALL. Badly. One wrong move, one wrong song and the whole Radio Rijeka goes up in the air together with the editorial office crew which is then on duty. You read well. This is an open threat. Be smart in your head and in the future be careful what songs you play because you aren’t even aware of what kind of shit you got into because of one stupid woman.”