Intimidation, Sinisa Lukovic, Tivat, 17.10.2016.

    Country MN
    Name and Surname [:me]Sinisa Lukovic[:]
    Gender Male
    Date 17/10/2016
    City / Location [:me]Tivat[:]
    Type of incident Other threats to journalists
    By whom To journalists by citizens
    Name of the perpetrator [:me]Bozidar Martinovic[:]
    Type of media print
    Media name [:me]Vijesti[:]
    Source [:me]Media[:]
    Public prosecutor Dismissed charges
    Legal closure Perpatrator is acquitted
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    What was journalists' association reaction [:me]Trade Union of Media of Montenegro strongly condemned the threats received by colleagues Lukovic and gave him full support in further work. In addition, SMCG expressed disappointment that the Deputy Basic State Prosecutor in Kotor Tanja Čolan-Deretić ruled that there were no elements of a criminal offense, but that it is only the misdemeanor and that the Prosecutor's Office still does not recognize the specificity of the journalistic profession. We pointed out that, although we are not called upon to interpret the legal norms, we believe that the prosecutor had to have a more serious understanding of these threats and qualify them even as a threat to security. We invited the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office to once again review the decision of the Deputy Basic State Prosecutor.[:]

    The reporter of the daily newspaper “Vijesti” from Tivat, Sinisa Lukovic, received threats from a citizen Bozidar Martinovic, convicted for smuggling drugs, just because the journalist published details of the incident that occurred on the day of parliamentary elections, in which the main actor was Martinovic.

    On election day Martinovic took his his ballot out of the polling station number 17 in Tivat. According to the witness, he then started yelling and cursing all those who do not vote for the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

    Martinovic said these threats while at the door step of the journalist Lukovic’s family house, in the presence of his family.

    He said to Lukovic “you don’t know what’s coming to you”.

    Deputy Basic State Prosecutor in Kotor, Tanja Colan Deretic, judged that in this case there were no elements of criminal offense, which is prosecuted ex officio, and that it was a misdemeanor.