Actual Attack on Journalist Sami Curri, 10/03/2022 Bulqiza

    Country AL
    Name and Surname Sami Curri
    Gender Male
    Date 10/03/2022
    City / Location Bulqiza
    Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
    By whom by policeman
    Type of media online Journalist is a freelancer: Journalist is a freelancer
    Media name BIRN and Bulqiza Ime
    Public prosecutor Regarding the journalist Sami Curri, a criminal report number 143 was registered on 17.03.2022 and on 01.04.2022 the prosecutor issued a decision not to start.
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    Were authorities informed? Case was not reported to the police

    Journalist Sami Curri was escorted on 11th of March at 18:20 to the Bulqiza Police Station. This action took place after the closing of the protest of citizens against the increase of oil and food prices held on Arbri Street.

    The protest was organized by the locals of the two neighborhoods of Bulqiza. The Police did not provide any explanation regarding the escort of journalist Curri, who works for the BIRN network and at the same time for the “Bulqiza Ime” portal.

    Later in the evening, the journalist Curri shared a status in his Facebook account stating that the protest was organized by the citizens of Bulqiza and it was a peaceful gathering while they were protesting for their joint concerns.  “The approach of the police officers was biased, and after the protest, I was escorted to the local police station, this action was not necessary since I would have joined any time for deterioration if requested by the representatives of this unit, as long as I was part of the protest as a citizen of Bulqiza” stated Curri.