Other threats to journalists, Prishtinë, 09. 05. 2020.


    Association of Journalists of Kosovo with concern has reflected on the language used in a recent personal Facebook status of Deputy Minister of Defence and Member of ‘Vetëvendosje’, Mr Enver Dugolli.

    On the 8th of May, Dugolli wrote this Facebook status on his personal profile.

    “The exhausting and depressing screams of some ‘journalists’ to create a victim at all costs, in addition to being annoyed, are also offensive. It is incomprehensible when a media falls into such traps to create a ‘political victim’ at all costs, even by dedicating a live broadcast by the Police Station. There is an impression created then that a great crime may have happened. ‘Journalism’ and not a joke…”

    AJK strongly condemned the language used by Mr Dugolli, and as usual also reacted publicly.

    “It is first and foremost a basic right of journalists to report, and it is their sacred duty that this reporting takes place and not be hidden and manipulated as such. Journalists do not perform ‘screams’, they cover various events and developments during a working day. The case Mr Dugolli is referring to should not be left on a darkness media state, as claimed by Mr Dugolli” AJK stated in the reaction note.