Attack on journalist, Darko Bulatović, Šavnik, 06.11.2022.

    Contry MN
    Name and Surname Darko Bulatovic
    Gender Male
    Date 06/11/2022
    City / Location
    Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
    By whom To journalists by citizens
    Name of the perpetrator T. Z.
    Type of media Radio and television
    Media name RTCG
    Legal closure Ongoing (or case not closed)
    Was journalist`s association informed No
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    The election for local government in Šavnik was held on 6th November 2022. On that occasion, Radio Television of Montenegro (RTCG) journalist, Darko Bulatović, was reporting from the field when the attack happened on him. Namely, T.Ž. tried to take away Bulatović’s mobile phone and thus prevented him from recording video material, which was his official task. Bulatović reported the case to the police. The police administration announced that “the police collected information regarding the circumstances of the event, and informed the prosecutor at the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Pljevlja about everything, to whom the case will be forwarded for evaluation and opinion”.