Non – physical threats against journalists, Milan Nikic, Kragujevac, 03.03.2023.

    Država SR
    Ime i prezime Milan NIkic
    Pol Muški
    Datum 03/03/2023
    Grad Kragujevac
    Tip incidenta Ostale pretnje novinarima
    Naziv medija TV N1
    Izvor Milan Nikic
    Da li je novinarsko udruženje informisano? Da
    Verbalne pretnje novinarima Verbalno uznemiravanje licem u lice ili telefonom

    Journalist and TV N1 correspondent Milan Nikić was interrupted while reporting in front of the Waterworks in Kragujevac, where he was filming workers hired through the Fax agency, whose employment contracts had been terminated. During the reporting, a police officer first approached Nikić and told him not to climb on the excavator and not to film it. To that, Nikić replied that there are already security workers from the Water Supply Company who are taking care of the safety of those present, and after which the police officer left. After that, an unknown man approached him and told him “Nikić, let’s talk” and invited him to come behind the excavator where no one was at that moment. After Nikić asked him who he was, he didn’t want to introduce himself, and when Nikić turned on the camera and started recording, the unknown person answered that he was talking.”

    The cases were reported to the police.