Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Donika Voca, Shemsi Igrishta, Malisevo, 09.06.2015.


    On 09.06 2015,  Kohavision team consisted by the journalist Donika Voca and the cameraman Shemsi Igrishta are threatened and impeded in their work by the director of the high school “Hamdi Berisha” in Malisevo, Izet Hoti. Voca and Igrishta were threatened not to publish the news that aimed to work on and later were expelled from school. The principle, Izet Hoti has not allowed the team to take footages outside of the school building and threatened again to break the camera and that he will deal personally with the cameraman and the journalist. Moreover, according to the journalist and cameraman, Izet Hoti apperead in the office of the Director of Education in the Municipality and continued to pressure that the news will not be published and requested the Director of Education not to talk to camera related to the case.