Other threats to journalists Miljko Stojanovic, Zajecar, 18.06.2020.



    Journalist of Glas Zajecar, Miljko Stojanovic was verbally attacked and prevented from entering the premises of the local community in the village of Vratarnica in order to attend the pre-election rally of the Serbian Progressive Party.

    Miljković was first prevented from entering the premises of the local community by two people who introduced themselves as security and asked him to return from the front door to the yard of the local community. After that, a member of the city council, Vukasin Lakicevic, and the person representing the security, or the guard, Drazen Kovijanic, entered the yard of the local community. Lakicevic verbally attacked Miljko Stojanovic, saying that he could not attend the SPS pre-election rally. After a short awkward conversation and calling out at Lakićević and the people accompanying him, Lakićevic finally sent a threatening message to Stojanović not to touch his family, alluding to an earlier police announcement about the event in which his brother was involved, which Stojanovic reported in the media in which he works.

    Stojanović stated that the incident was also attended by police officers in civilian clothes who watched what was happening without any reaction. The case was reported to the police, who took statements and started collecting data.