Other threaths to journalists, Dragana Šćepanović, Kolašin, 28.09.2023

    Država MN
    Ime i prezime Dragana Šćepanović
    Pol Ženski
    Datum 28/09/2023
    Grad Kolašin
    Tip incidenta Ostale prijetnje novinarima
    Izvršilac/osumnjičeni Portal "Aktuelno"
    Tip medija Online
    Naziv medija Vijesti i Monitor
    Izvor www.vijesti.me
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    Dragana Šćepanović, a journalist from the newspaper “Vijesti” and the weekly “Monitor” from Kolašin, reported to the security department of Kolašin that she feels endangered because she is the target of several months of insults, accusations and disparagement that hinder her from performing her journalistic duties.

    These are articles that were published months ago on the “Aktuelno” portal and which are the result of her reporting on the business of the Ski Resort Kolašin 1450, which is also behind the “Aktuelno” portal and whose owner is Zoran Bećirović.

    Also, a petition was launched demanding that she be prevented from reporting on the grounds that her work is “driving” investors away from Kolašin. As Šćepanović stated, she is approached daily by fellow citizens who warn her that she should not deal with certain topics.