Other threats to journalists, Zoran Ivanovic, Niksic, 13.07.2022.

    Country MN
    Name and Surname Zoran Ivanovic
    Gender Male
    Date 13/07/2022
    City / Location Niksic
    Type of incident Other threats to journalists
    By whom To journalists by citizens
    Type of media Radio and television
    Media name Radio televizija Niksic
    Source Radio televizija Niksic
    Legal closure Ongoing (or case not closed)
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    What was journalists' association reaction SMCG condemned the attack
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    Nikšić Radio Television cameraman Zoran Ivanović was attacked while filming the Statehood Day celebration in Nikšić on July 13, when a group of people verbally attacked him and sent a series of threats.

    Ivanović filed a report for the attack, and Radio Television Nikšić announced that they have video material that is available to the competent authorities. The prosecutor determined that the crime contained elements of the criminal offense of endangering security.

    The trial began in October before the basic court in Nikšić.