Other attacks on journalist Ola Xama, 01/03/2024, Tirana

    Country AL
    Name and Surname Ola Xama
    Gender Female
    Date 01/03/2024
    City / Location Tirana
    Type of incident Other threats to journalists
    By whom By public persons
    Media name Birn, Reporter.al
    Source https://www.facebook.com/ola.xama
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes

    Journalist Ola Xama has filed a civil lawsuit against the “Prapaskena” portal and another lawsuit against “Dita Newspaper”. Both of these media channels are alleged to have defamed her by calling her a paid journalist, a paid killer, and other untrue epithets.

    At the same time, the journalist Xama claims that through these articles, her family members were also harmed. The lawsuit was filed in the Civil Court.
    The reaction of journalist Xama can be found here.