Other threats, journalists and editors of Novosti and Vida TV, Zagreb, 20.04.2023.

    Country CRO
    Gender Group Journalists and editors of Novosti and Vida TV
    Date 20/04/2023
    City / Location Zagreb
    Type of incident Threats against media outlets and organizations
    Name of the perpetrator Hrvatski tjednik
    Type of media Radio and television print online
    Media name Novosti and Vida TV
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    What was journalists' association reaction CJA reacted with a statement.

    On 20.4.2023. “Hrvatski tjednik” published a newspaper with a front page that read “Plenković is paying 600,000 euros for this! 80 Pupovac’s media Chetniks from the two nests of Novosti and Vida TV are paying Plenković with our money for the special war against Croatia”. In the same newspaper, there is also a text signed by Ivica Marijačić, in which it is stated that “Croatia is paying almost 80 instigators in two of Pupovac’s media nests for a special war against Croatia”. The labeling of certain journalists and media outlets, published by the Serbian National Council, as “Chetnik nests”, “Ultra-Serbian chauvinists”, “haters of Croatia and the Croatian people” and “state enemies” is an example of inciting speech that incites hatred towards members of the Serbian national minority in Croatia and journalists who work in the mentioned media. In this context, the publication of the names of editors, journalists and associates of the weekly newspaper and portal Novosti and Vida TV is particularly controversial, which can’t be interpreted otherwise than incitement to violence against these people on a discriminatory basis.