Other threats to journalists, Domagoj Zovak, Zagreb, 21.03.2019.


    Domagoj Zovak, a satirist and editor of News Bar Prime Time, a satirical show broadcast on N1 television, received threats and vulgar insults through Facebook, from a person who has been threatening him through various channels for a long time. The last message he received, among other things, said: “That’s why I tell you most seriously, don’t play with the blood of veterans because the dead head may fall because of you, and there will be no more time for the remedial exam. Just mention the veterans once again in the wrong way, and I will come with 50 more veterans to to Zagreb, and then we will see who is who in this social community, which was primarily liberated and defended by Croatian veterans. That’s it for now. Be careful how you run the show.!!!!!” Zovak ignored some of the previous threats but reported this one to the police.