Physical attack, HRT journalist, Rakovo selo, 27.12.2023.

    Zemlja CRO
    Spol Ženski
    Datum 27/12/2023
    Vrsta napada Prijetnje smrću i teškim tjelesnim ozljedama
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    The Šibenik police apprehended a 62-year-old man on charges of assaulting an HRT journalist during the recording of a TV segment in Rakovo sel in Dubrava near Šibenik on December 27. Following the conclusion of the criminal investigation, the implicated individual was turned over to the custody supervisor of the Šibenik-Knin Police Department, and a criminal complaint was lodged with the Municipal State Attorney’s Office, as confirmed by Šibenik Police spokeswoman Sanja Baljkas.

    Furthermore, a 32-year-old man who verbally assaulted the journalist was taken into custody and subsequently fined. According to the police report, the 62-year-old man is suspected of committing the offense of coercion against a person engaged in tasks of public interest or public service, to the detriment of a 52-year-old journalist from Šibenik.

    During the recording of a segment for the show on Wednesday morning in Rakovo sel in Dubrava near Šibenik, the 62-year-old verbally attacked the journalist, hindering her from performing her duties. Subsequently, he physically assaulted her by striking her arm while she was in the process of alerting the police. The police statement indicates that the 32-year-old man was also detained for verbally insulting the journalist in the presence of the police. The younger man was later fined 500 euros, according to the conclusive court ruling from the Misdemeanor Department of the Municipal Court in Šibenik.