Threats to media, Editorial staff of Nedeljnik, Belgrade, 16.02.2020.




    The editorial board of Nedeljnik stated that the agency Tanjug on 16.02.2020. published  a statement by Minister Vulin at 1:39 pm, in which he said that “former Minister of Defense and President of the Democratic Party Dragan Sutanovac always seizes the opportunity to attack Serbia when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is to visit.” In addition to Vulin’s statement, it is stated that he said this “in response to Dragan Sutanovac’s authorial text in Nedeljnik in which he criticized Serbia-Russia cooperation.” Almost all Serbian media reported the Vulin response, and this news was also read in Pink’s national television. However,  Nedeljnik’s statement said the text cited by the minister was never published. This situation has raised some doubts as to how the minister has come to the information and data, that is, most likely, interception of communication between the writer of the article in preparation , and the editor, among other doubts, raised the issue of possible eavesdropping on the editorial staff of Nedeljnik. The editorial board of  Nedeljnik addressed the journalists associations on this matter. The editorial board of the Nedeljnik has formally submitted a request to the investigating authorities to determine where Minister Vulin had gotten the content of a text that only Dragan Sutanovac and the editors of the Nedeljnik had, and which was never published anywhere else.