Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Ivan Ivanovic and Zoran Kesic, Belgrade, 18.04.2020.


    Journalists Ivan Ivanovic and Zoran Kesic were indirectly threatened with death by a public person, singer Aleksandar Stevanovic, alias Aca Lucas. The singer stated in daily newspaper Srpski  Telegraf: “I will go to  Ivan Ivanovic and that moron Kesic and throw them out of the window from the tenth floor if something happens to my mother because I will personally hold them responsible etc…”.

    Journalists personally believe that no response is needed at this time. Nova S Television which broadcasts shows that journalists Ivanovic and Kesic edit, most strongly condemned the death threats and demanded the reaction of the authorities. In the present case, it is a matter of ex officio criminal offenses and further collecting of information and investigation should be done.