Actual attacks on journalists, Zoran Maksimovic, Zubin Potok, 28. 05. 2019.


    According to a TV Prva report, during the operation of the Kosovo Police Special Unit demanded the car of its team. In this case, a journalist Zoran Maksimovic was injured hardly. Based on the same declaration, the security of journalists Maksimovis was seriously endangered.

    On the other hand, in its response to the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, the police declared that: “During the operation of the dated 28.05.2019, the Kosovo Police has encountered various obstacles, roadblocks, which have obstructed the conduct of the police operation as planned.” In the same response, the police added:

    “Kosovo Police take care permanently to avoid every obstacle in the street while completing its operations. It has tried to cause as little damage as possible.” In some cases, the police are bound to stave off the obstacles in the street, which impede the completion of the operation.”