Threats against the lives and physical safety of journalist, Vanja Đurić, Belgrade, 16.01.2024.

    Država SR
    Ime i prezime Vanja Đurić
    Pol Ženski
    Datum 16/01/2024
    Grad Beograd
    Tip incidenta Pretnje smrću i pretnje teškim telesnim povredama
    Izvor Igor Bozic
    Da li je novinarsko udruženje informisano? Da
    Pretnje smrcu i fizicke bezbednosti novinara Pretnje smrću ili fizičkim nasiljem upućene digitalnim putem (poruka na društvenim mrežama ili imejlom)

    On the social network X, after the publication of a comment regarding the performance of a song by a girl at the start of a basketball game, an invitation was published in a tweet, and this was done by unauthorized publication of the phone number of TV N1 journalist Vanja Đurić, along with a descriptive comment and an invitation to others to contact the journalist and say what do they think of her comment, which resulted in a volley of insults, hate speech and even threats.

    The tweet states: “Here is the phone number of Vanja Djuric, who spat on our Pavlina, tell her what you think of her, she deleted the tweet”.

    In the meantime, the tweet from the mentioned task was deleted due to the privacy policy, most likely due to the application to the social network X. In addition to the proof that the phone number was set, the next day, the comment “Does anyone have the number of the Prekodrina government?” was placed on the post of @nikoladesignbg. with a photo of journalist Vanja Đurić.

    The threat was reported to the competent public prosecutor’s office for VTK in Belgrade.