Threats against the lives and physical safety of journalists, a few media outlets, Zagreb, 5.10.2023.

    Zemlja CRO
    Spol Grupa novinara
    Datum 05/10/2023
    Vrsta napada Prijetnje smrću i teškim tjelesnim ozljedama
    Je li novinarsko udruženje bilo obaviješteno? Da

    An email was sent to the email addresses of several media outlets and CJA, in which it was written, among other things, “The light is off and what do you think if the “femaile pen”, her owner, his “esposa infiel” were to be poured hydrochloric acid into their unscrupulous lying muzzles? Would CJA jump on his hind legs and defend them or it would be a warning to everyone, especially the Večernji, Jutarnji, Telegram and 24 sata to stop sensational lying writing and collecting subscriptions to enrich those rats called owners”.