Threats against the lives and physical safety of journalists, Blic Newsroom, Belgrade, 16.06.2023.

    Država SR
    Ime i prezime Blic Newsroom
    Pol Grupa
    Datum 16/06/2023
    Grad Beograd
    Tip incidenta Pretnje smrću i pretnje teškim telesnim povredama
    Naziv medija Blic
    Izvor Blic
    Pravni završetak Izvršilac je osuđen, tip kazne
    Da li je novinarsko udruženje informisano? Da
    Pretnje smrcu i fizicke bezbednosti novinara Pretnje smrću ili fizičkim nasiljem licem u lice ili telefonom

    6/16/2023 – An unknown man sent threats to the daily newspaper “Blic” by phone on June 16.

    The case was immediately reported to the Special Prosecutor’s Office for VTK, which reacted immediately, together with the Police, established the suspect’s identity and the person was soon detained.

    18/6/2023 – The suspect admitted to the criminal offense and an agreement was concluded with him on the admission of the criminal offence, which determined the sentence of house arrest for the duration of six months. The agreement was approved by the competent court and the judge for the preliminary proceedings.