Threats against the lives and physical safety of journalists, Nina Colic, Belgrade, 30.03.2023.

    Država SR
    Ime i prezime Nina Colic
    Pol Ženski
    Datum 30/03/2023
    Grad Beograd
    Tip incidenta Pretnje smrću i pretnje teškim telesnim povredama
    Naziv medija Danas
    Izvor Nina Colic
    Da li je novinarsko udruženje informisano? Da
    Pretnje smrcu i fizicke bezbednosti novinara Pretnje smrću ili fizičkim nasiljem upućene digitalnim putem (poruka na društvenim mrežama ili imejlom)

    On the official TikTok account of the Danas newsroom, several threats came to the newsroom and author and journalist Nina Čolić, after a video was published in which the journalist talked about the seizure of a Lamborghini car, owned by Uroš Panić, son of Petar Panić Pana and godfather Aleksandar Vučić. Some of the comments are: “I think Pani will write another incident in the file after this video”. Then: “It is better for you to keep that head that you carry on your shoulders, than to push views on social networks”.

    A few comments also refer to the part of the video in which it is said that the public heard about the father of Uroš Panić, Petar Panić Pan, when he was linked to an incident after a TV duel with Vojislav Šešelj, when the lawyer Nikola Barović was beaten, and that from that the famous cynical statement by Seselj that Barović “slipped on a banana peel” dates back to the period. The comments stated: “You want to slip on a banana peel too”, “If you keep talking too much you will also slip on a banana peel” and “Banana peels are dangerous”. As well as: “You’re playing with life”, “You won’t be for long”, “If you had talked less”, “Bullet”, “You won’t be talking for long”, “Wipe until the darkness eats you”, “Expect a sniper”.