Threats against the lives and safety of journalists, Dalija Hasanbegović-Konaković, Sarajevo, 24.03.2023.

    Country BH
    Gender Female
    Date 24/03/2023
    City / Location Sarajevo
    Type of incident Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists
    Type of media Radio and television
    Media name Al Jazeera Balkans
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    What was journalists' association reaction The Free Media Help Line has reported as many as 15 cases of threats and hate speech spreading by Jasmin Mulahusic and his followers on Facebook to competent institutions – the police and prosecutor’s offices in Sarajevo Canton and at the state level. So far, the prosecutor’s offices have rejected five complaints, with the explanation that there are no elements of a criminal offense. The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced in September 2021 that they had opened an investigation against Mulahusic, but they have not stated if the charges will be pressed. The State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to the media that they are working on several cases related to Jasmin Mulahusic, but did not want to provide any additional information.
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police Case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office

    Al Jazeera Balkans journalist Dalija Hasanbegovic – Konakovic posted on her Twitter account a series of threatening messages and those containing hate speech that individuals write under her posts on social networks and send her in messages.

    One of the people who sent insults and threats to her is Jasmin Mulahusic, who is already under investigation for spreading national and religious intolerance, hate speech, threats and negative propaganda against journalists via social networks.