Other threats to journalists, Leonard Kërquki, Prishtina, 03. 05. 2019.



    The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo and the President of Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK), Kadri Veseli has made pressure to the Chef Editor of Gazeta Express Leonard Kërquki regarding news of inviting him to interview by Special Court in Hague. Veseli sent a message to Kërquki via WattsApp, which contains this: “If you want, you can go to my mother Ajshe…, but do not forget that people have families and children, it’s not ok. I’m speaking as a Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo. You are abusing. Ok, go ahead. That just breezing me…, do you know what I’m going to say. Tell him (Berat Buzhala) I have not sent his father in prison. He knows…, but be informed, KLA and Kosovo will be forever here.”