The 51st issue of the newsletter E-journalist


    In the 51st issue of E-journalist we answer questions on how to promote the representation of journalists, editors and publishers and their deferense in front of courts in cases of defamation charges; how to improve court practice and prosecute libel cases in a way that promotes European values, and how did decriminalization of defamation impact investigative journalism in BiH? The authors of the texts are: lawyer and media expert Mehmed Halilović, judge of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo Nives Abdagić, journalist from the portal Žurnal Amarildo Gutić, lawyer from Bijeljina, Biljana Radulović. Additionally we and discussed with lawyer and international expert Vesna Alaburić.

    The 51st issue of E-Journalists is also the first edition of the BHJA ‘s online newsletter series, implemented within the framework of the joint project of EU and Council of Europe -Reinforcing Judaical Expertise on Freedom of Expression and the Media in South – East Europe (JUFREX).