Ruling party official posts video targeting N1, Nova S

Source/Author: N1

A senior official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) published an Instagram video targeting reporters and anchors on N1, Nova S and the Nova daily newspaper.

Vladan Sekulic, a member of the SNS main board and CEO of the Lasta bus transport company, published the video on his Instagram profile under the headline Stop Foreign Propaganda.

“While their lies spread like poison our minds are shaped and trapped by the twisted perception of reality,” the video said. It included dramatic music and headlines from the N1 portal and excerpts from N1 TV.

The video called for “opposition to this evil” over images of locusts and other insects. Part of the video included a cartoon character with a flame thrower and the message Road to Liberation.

Sekulic reposted the video from the TikTok account zutoptszotx which posts and comments videos from N1 and Nova TV shows.