Serbian President offends N1

Source/Author: N1

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic twisted the facts during Monday’s press point, accusing N1 of not caring about the fate of Serb children.

An N1 reporter asked him about demands by Croatian politicians to put him on trial for alleged war mongering in the mid-1990s and Vucic replied saying that he is proud of his statements at the time and added that he never killed children unlike the people accusing him. “I am sorry that you at N1 do not see that and I am sorry that Serb children are not very important to you,” he said adding that they are more important than himself and his political or any other fate.

N1 asked if he was scared by the possibility of an indictment in Croatia over his speech in the Croatian town of Glina in 1995. He replied: “I am pleased that you are glad, I am even more glad than you… I am proud of everything, I can’t say everything, but of what they are saying, nothing is disputed. And just a few days later they killed the Serbs who lived there, the Serbs did not kill them. Let me remind you because you seem to have forgotten what happened in 1995,” he said.

N1 TV always shows respect for all the victims of war both in the former Yugoslavia and anywhere else in the world. The Serbian President abused his position and insulted N1 TV journalists, indirectly endangering all N1 staff.

There is no point in debating the accusations that the president made against N1.

Croatian politicians demanded an indictment against Vucic for what they alleged was war mongering in Glina in 1995 following an indictment by the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution against 4 Croatian air force pilots who are alleged to have bombed a Serb refugee convoy.

Source: N1