BHRT Workers’ Union: Financial Situation Disastrous, No wages in September for Employees


Sarajevo, 29th September 2017 – The BHRT Independent Workers’ Union demands from the BHRT Management that they should pay their employees their monthly salaries, lunch, and transport allowance by the end of the current month.

The Governing Board of the BHRT Independent Workers’ Union has once again and for the umpteenth time warned the authorities of the utterly disastrous financial situation at BHRT and demanded of the BHRT’s Managing Board to fulfill the promise they made in their announcement from 14th August 2017. Namely, they made the payments owed to the employees their priority, but in September the workers were not paid a penny and we consider this move of the Managing Board to be utterly ruthless”the statement read.

They also emphasized that up until 26 September 2017, the employees have not been paid their two salaries (July and August 2017), two lunch allowances (July and August 2017) and transport allowance (September 2017). Because of this, the employees seem to be in a hopeless financial situation. They cannot feed their families, pay the bills and send children to school on fresh air.

The Union emphasized that the BHRT Independent Workers’ Union never did and never shall agree to any reductions of salaries, layoffs or anything that could harm the employees of the BHRT.
They point out that ever since its establishment (9th December 2014), registration (26th February 2015) and the Council of Ministers of BH approval (1st August 2016), the Union has directed all its activities towards the improvement of BHRT’s financial situation, i.e. the financial situation of its employees, in accordance with the law and its capacities.


The Managing Board of BHRT Independent Workers’ Union stated that “Our activities include organising protests, participating in all the seminars and conferences related to the BHRT or the Public Broadcasting service, suggesting adequate measures and steps to overcome the crisis, launching a campaign to charge a television licence, informing the public about BHRT’s circumstances, debates with all the political parties and leaders with the aim to find a solution to the difficult financial situation, negotiations with the management and consults and cooperation with the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The BHRT Independent Workers’ Union shall, as it has always done, protect and fight for the rights of BHRT’s employees with all legal and available means”.