PODGORICA, 14.12.2023. – The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro strongly condemns threats of rape sent to female colleagues from several media outlets, and at the same time, we appeal to the police and the prosecutor’s office to take this case as seriously as possible and shed light on it as soon as possible.

The threats received by journalists Danica Nikolić, Tamara Nikčević, Bojana Dabović, Mirka Dević and Slavica Kruščić Vasović are serious and problematic on several levels. First of all, it is the first time that such a massive threat has been sent to all female journalists. Competent authorities must react urgently to put an end to this phenomenon and to adequately punish the perpetrator.

Also, all other cases, and there were more of them almost two years ago, concerning the threats received by Danica Nikolić, the editor of the M portal, and which were never brought to light, must finally receive a prosecutor’s and court’s epilogue. In recent years, SMCG has often highlighted the promptness of the police, prosecutor’s offices and courts when it comes to new cases of attacks on journalists, but the example of Danica Nikolić is among the few in which, in the eye of the public, nothing was done, and we are appealing for that to change.

This will be the 16th case that happened this year in the database of cases of attacks on journalists and media employees that SMCG maintains on the website www.safejournalists.net.