President of RTCG Council dismissed


PODGORICA, 20.03.2018. – Vladimir Pavićević was dismissed from presidential position of Radio-Television (RTCG) Council. Ivan Jovetić, a new member of the Council, was elected to this position.

The initiative came from RTCG Council member Milo Drašković, and was supported by Igor Tomić and three new Council members – Ivan Jovetić, Goran Sekulović, and Slobodan Pajović.

Pavićević’ s dismissal was supported by six RTCG Council members, while three opposed it. Voting was secret.

“It’s fascinating to me that you insist on the discussion about the program-production plans that have failed. I believe that you have contributed to decline of RTCG Council credibility and I propose voting for dismissal of the Council President to be the first issue on the agenda”, Drašković said.

RTCG Council member, Goran Sekulović, said that the Public Service should not make any visible mistakes, such as the recently broadcasted release on fascism, with tendentiously chosen interlocutors from Montenegro and Serbia.

“As a representative of NGOs dealing with human rights, my obligation is to raise voice against human rights violations. Under the cover of democracy, citizens are being manipulated and presented that Montenegro has not been endangered by Chetniks”, Sekulović said.

Pavićević, however, said that it was completely unacceptable to him to attribute to RTCG defense of Chetniks, as well as an attempting to connect the Public Service with some opposition structures.

In the past six months, two Council members were dismissed by an extremely controversial procedure (Goran Đurović and Nikola Vukčević), and Ivan Mitrović resigned after it was determined that he was in a conflict of interest.